There is  now  an  updated official   policy on  joint  activities.  This  policy  is  based on input  from  our insurance  company and  liability  concerns.
      Joint trips  will only  be  permitted if the  other   entity  has   liability  insurance . Proof  of  the  coverage   must be obtained  by the  OCSJ  leader.
      Overnight activities, which charge money,  require all  participants to be OCSJ  members.
      Trips  which  were  scheduled  prior to this  policy will be  excluded,  but all  future  entries   must  follow  this   policy.
       Our  Insurance  agent  has  stated all  OCSJ members and  members of the other  organization involved in the joint activity  must sign  our Sign In &   Waiver  form. 
        If other   group has a similar  form and  requests   OCSJ  members  sign  , OCSJ  members  should follow their policy.
        The  guest policy  will still allow a non-member to come on  1 activity before  membership is required..

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