These are averages only; actual results may vary due to factors such surfaces (e.g, trails, vs roads), terrain (e.g., bushwhacking vs clear), elevation changes, (e.g.,hilly vs flat), and weather.


EASY                     less than 2.5 mph    

MODERATE            2.5-3.0 mph

BRISK                     3.0 – 3.5 mph

FAST                       over 3.5 mph

Avg. time 25 or more 20-25 17-20 17 or lessper mile minutes minutes minutes minutes


 EASY - pace defined as slower walking with more frequent rest breaks (e.g. for

viewing surroundings, nature calls, equipment adjustments, and allowing walkers

to catch up). For the slower walker.

• MODERATE - pace defined as as comfortable walking with occasional rest

breaks. For the average walker.

• BRISK - pace defined as faster walking with occasional rest breaks. For the

average, better conditioned walker.

• FAST - pace defined as fitness walking with few rest breaks for any reason. For

seasoned, in fit condition walkers.




Hike distances are in miles, and may optionally be followed by hike duration in

hours. The following codes are used to show unusual features of a hike:

BW - Bushwhacking WF - Wet feet possible NS - No stops

NP - No pets NC - No children FS - Few stops

LP - Leashed Pet

Refer to the page listing Standard Meeting Places for directions to hikes.



1. NOVICE: 5 or less trips - mild weather, relatively flat terrain.


2. INTERMEDIATE: 5 or more trips - mild weather, moderate climbs - up to 8

mile trips.

3. ADVANCED: 10 or more trips - three season, except winter. Strenuous

climbs over difficult terrain - upgraded equipment.

4. EXPERT: Leadership experience or comparable ability - all seasons - good

physical condition - completely equipped for all terrain and weather.


The Outdoor Club, its officers and leaders, shall not be liable for any injuries,

illness, loss or damage to any person or property, as a result of participation

in any Club outing. Each participant assumes all risk and liability connected

therewith. All persons, MEMBERS ALIKE, are to sign with the leader at each



Friday to Sunday. You are invited to join us at the Chalfonte Hotel B&B in Cape May. Activities available include biking, hiking, nature walks, bird watching and much, much more. Leaders: Jim Bodnar at 609-654-1507, e-mail: JRBodnar@verizon.net or Fran Horn at 856-786-0048, e-mail: FranHorn@aol.com


Friday to Sunday  JUNE 9,10, and 11 , 2017

To start the summer session, you are cordially invited to join us for our annual Cape May outing.  Our headquarters, as in years past, will be THE CHALFONTE HOTEL, 301 Howard Street, Cape May, New Jersey, (1-800-678-8946).  Check in any time after 3:00 PM on Friday; check out by midday on Sunday.

This is a perfect outing for all club members.  In addition to our popular 15-50 mile bike rides, there are also other activities available.  These include shopping on the mall, historic walking tours (guided or on you own), nature hikes, bird watching, local theater, or just sit and rock on the porch.  You can also visit the Cape may Zoo or  take a ferryboat ride to Lewes, Delaware, a quaint place to spend some time.  Many of us attend a play on Friday after dinner.

Our weekend starts with a Friday night Welcome Buffet (a time to plan what you want to do).  Breakfast is provided on both Saturday and Sunday. 

  On Saturday evening, there is a party on the porch with Hors D’oeuvres and drinks and then a limited menu      dinner in the dining room followed by desert.

NOTE: Trip is only  open  to members and their guests.

The entire cost for all of the above (room, meals, and social gathering, ) is:

        Room for one,1 bed,shared bath                         $ 280 per person

         Room for two,full or two twin beds,shared bath   $205 per person

         Room for one,full or queen bed,private bath        $350 per person

         Room for two,full or queen bed,private bath        $250 per person

         Room for two,two beds,private bath                  $ 280 per person

        Any cancellation must be by April 9th to get refund.

If interested, Please Contact the Leaders ASAP

Please sign up early, as this will help us complete our plans to make our 2017 trip enjoyable for all. If you have any questions, or need more information, contact Jim Bodnar at 609-654-1507 e-mail: JRBodnar@verizon.net or

Fran Horn at 856-786-0048 e-mail: FranHorn@aol.com

Please send the entire amount for the weekend with the form below no later than April 8, 2017.  


A refund minus the $25 cancelation fee available up to 60 days before the event



YES! I want to participate in the Annual Historic Cape May Weekend.  Enclosed is my payment.

Please make your check payable to OCSJ


   Name: ____________________________________________________ Phone #_________________________

 Address: ___________________________________________________________________________

E-mail address____________________________________________________________________

I prefer (circle selection) double room 1 bed w/shared bath, double room 2 beds w/private bath, single room with shared bath or single room w/ private bath 

I will be sharing my room with: ____________________________ Please pair me with a roommate: _______

I am interested in riding my bike to Cape May on Friday. (Bikers leave from Hammonton area)______

 I am interested in leading an activity: hiking____biking____kayaking____ Will you lead an activity? _______

Return this form to Jim Bodnar,  PO Box 493,Medford, NJ 08055

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